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About Marine Boatbuilders Company

Because we have been avid boaters since we were kids we were always aware of the surrounding environmental problems arising with the waters from the dumping of waste and other products into our playing field. In 1992 we decided to get involved in helping our boating waterways and fill a niche in the boating industry that would help the environment and also let us make a difference, while making a living doing what we love to do. Why? Because properly disposing of human sewage from boats is one measure that can make a difference.  Sewage microorganisms impact our waterways threefold:

  • Visually unappealing
  • Hazardous to health
  • Lowers oxygen levels necessary for aquatic life

Health hazards are caused by microorganisms contained in human sewage that can cause infectious hepatitis, diarrhea, bacillary dysentery, skin rashes and even typhoid and cholera.  The most common organism is coliform bacteria, which is found in the intestines of all warm-blooded animals.  Fecal coli form, including E. coli bacteria, can increase from one bacterium to over 10 million in the 12-18 hour normal digestive period.

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is the major indicator of pollution by organic materials.  BOD is the amount of oxygen that bacteria take from water to oxidize organic matter into carbon dioxide and water.  In both air and water environments, the oxygen produced by plants is offset by the oxygen consumed by animals, and the reverse is true of carbon dioxide.  The atmosphere surrounding the earth is maintained at 21% oxygen at sea level.  The oxygen available for respiration by fish or bio-chemical activity by microbes in water is only 0.0008%.  The marine ecosystem becomes unbalanced when an external source of oxygen demand is added (i.e. direct discharge of human waste, farm animal waste, agricultural chemicals, from faulty septic tanks, etc.).

Marine Boat Builders started building Pumpout boats in 1992. When asked to build the first Pumpout Boat we really did not know how. It was an experience with getting all the pieces to come together. The tank, plumbing, pumps, engines, layout etc. Over time, and with experience and plenty of input from our customers, we are now producing the third generation of Pump-Kleen®  Pumpout Boats that we know are the best made, most user friendly Pumpout boat on the market. We ship them all over the country and have a reputation of having the best working Pumpout boats for, user friendly design, stability and functionality.

What is A Pumpout Boat?

A Pumpout boat is a boat that pulls up to other boats and empties their waste tank into a holding tank on the Pumpout boat. It takes the waste to a fixed unit on a dock, or shore area and unloads the waste into sewer lines. This process keeps boaters from dumping waste into our local waterways, keeping are waters clear, habitable for humans, fish, shellfish and all other aquatic life. Pumpout boats are making a tremendous difference in helping clean up our waterways.

Currently we manufacture five different size pumpout boats, a 19′ ft pumpout boat with a 230 gallon holding tank, a 20′ ft pumpout boat with a 300 gallon tank a, 23′ ft pumpout boat with a 420 gallon holding tank, a 26’ ft pumpout boat with a 650 gallon holding tank and a 31′ ft pumpout boat with a 950 gallon holding tank. When we first started out all the pumps for the tanks were Edson gasoline driven diaphragm pumps that were located on the deck in front of the center console. While we still use  Edson pumps, we now use only electric motors, with the pump and motor now located under the center console adding to the bow area much needed workspace.

We have shipped PUMP KLEEN® Pumpout Boats all over the country from Boston Harbor, Massachusetts to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and from Block Island, Rhode Island to Catalina Island, California. Our waters are getting cleaner, and boaters are leading the way.

Marine Boatbuilders Co. has years of experience designing and building high quality custom-made boats. Our unique design offers specific advantages over the competitor’s boats. Marine Boat Builders Co. uses our own PUMP KLEEN® system.

We also have environmentally safe floating restrooms which are used on lakes, inlets, coves and places where there is limited access to bathrooms. Our unique design offers specific advantages over the competitor’s boats due to our trademarked PUMP KLEEN® system.The units are designed for ease of use and long-term durability, with low maintenance a consideration. Integrity of the holding tank is a primary goal, even under abusive conditions, such as grounding and other impact.

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